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WRS Electronics (The Technical Warehouse) like to think we have made things simple by providing our clients with ease of use! We have done this by offering an online ‘Book a Service’ function which allows our clients to enter their information and arrange for a booking, this will prompt us to arrange a service call and provide a better customer experience.

Repairs, Support & Experience

WSR Electronics are experienced in repairing LCDS, Plasma, Rear Projection, Color TVS Televisions, Audio Systems, DVD/Video, Set top box, Projectors, Microwaves and Computers.

Our technicians are experienced in many leading brands of electronics including LG, Samsung, Sony, Sharp, JVC just to name a few. M.E Melbourne also specialize in refurbishing all optical engines, LCD inverter boards, digital module reworking and component level repairs of high end products.

WSR Electronics are making things easy; we know some people are not able to contact us through standard business hours. For this reason we have taken it upon ourselves for customers to book service call and check repair status online.


The contacts page offers a form based method of communication and displays the office phone number and email address

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